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This is an agreement between the Customer and S3 Maritime, LLC, located at 2360 W. Commodore Way, Suite 200 Seattle WA 98199, phone 206-420-4932, fax 206-420-4952.

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  • Customer hereby authorizes repair work to be done as described in the Work Order, or subsequent Work or Change Orders, with the necessary materials and labor to be charged at regular prices. Customer’s boat may be moved by S3 for purposes of testing, inspection or delivery at Customer’s sole risk.

    • Customer agrees that S3 will not be held responsible for loss or damage to the boat or articles left in or on the boat in case of fire, theft, accidents or other causes beyond S3 control, and releases S3 from “care, custody, and control” upon being notified boat is ready for pickup. Customer further warrants that vessel is insured.


  • All invoices, including insurance claims, MUST be paid in full upon completion work. There will be no exceptions. Invoices are due upon receipt and become past due 10 days after the date of invoice. After 10 days, credit card on file will be used to cover balance due, unless prior payment method has been arranged.

    • Interest on unpaid invoices will accrue at 1.5% per month with a $25.00 minimum. An express possessory lien is granted on Customer’s boat to secure the amount of repairs thereto and released when outstanding balance is paid in full. If S3 is forced to take action for collection of any undisputed outstanding balance, Customer agrees to pay for all collection and/or attorney costs and fees.

    • 5% of labor is added to each invoice for miscellaneous shop materials and supplies not scheduled.

    • Washington State sales tax will be charged at prevailing rates. Credit for the sales tax will be issued only after S3 is provided with a signed tax card and valid tax number registered with the State of Washington.

    • S3 warrants all repairs and installations for one year from date of invoice. Customer supplied parts are not warranted. S3 reserves the right to perform any warranty repairs resulting from work previously billed by S3. Should a problem arise, contact S3 immediately. S3 will not pay for warranty repair provided by third parties. Work done by anyone other than S3 will void all warranties. All warranty repairs will be performed at S3 facilities. Warranties are not transferable.

    • Parts, equipment, and other customer belongings that are not removed from the premises within 30 days of the invoice date will be discarded.


  • All Work Orders over $1,000.00, or needing major material purchases, require a 100% deposit on parts.

    • Weekly progress invoices may be issued for jobs lasting over two weeks.

    • Final invoices may be issued up to 30 days after completion of the job.


  • Skilled craftsmen (electricians, carpenters, riggers), watermaker, stabilizers, and refrigeration service/repair: $110.00 per hour.

    • Skilled craftsmen (fiberglass repairs and all painting): $89.00 per hour.

    • Any job worked over 8 hours per day will be charged overtime (time and a half).

    • Sanitation service: $120.00 per hour.

    • All mobile service is billed as portal to portal.

    • Moorage will be charged at .75 per foot per day and power charges to be added.

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S3 Maritime would like to take photography of the work that we do on your vessel. We will never use the name of your vessel without your prior consent. Selecting "yes" is optional, however we greatly appreciate being able to use these photos to give our customers a greater understanding of our range of work. By selecting "yes" you consent to allow S3 Maritime to use photos of your vessel for the promotion of our business.
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Please review your answers before pressing submit to ensure that all information is accurate. If you have any questions about this form, please feel free to contact us at +1-877-S3Maritime or +1-206-420-4932. Thank you!
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