Victron Inverter: A Clean, Simple Solution

Rich Wagner was having electronics problems aboard his Grand Banks yacht, the L'Chayim. Simply put: he had inverter issues. We knew that a simple new Victron Inverter could fix that.

The power aboard your vessel is only as good as your batteries. Batteries produce DC electricity, but most consumer devices run on AC electricity. Your inverter converts DC power to AC power aboard your vessel, but when your inverter is old or damaged you start getting what's called "dirty power". Rich's computer power wasn't running well due to some issues with dirty power, so we recommended a Victron Multi-plus 12/3000-120 Inverter install to clean it up along with a digital multi-control and battery monitor.

Victron inverters are very simple for consumers and provide very clean power. Users can monitor battery voltage and set it to invert, charge, or turn off. As a certified dealer for Victron, we recommend it as a simple and efficient solution for our customers.

To help improve the life of your inverter, keep it away from moisture, excessive heat, and vibration. In ideal conditions, an inverter can last for 10-15 years! Contact S3 for your inverter needs!