Piranha USV

This joint effort between S3 Maritime and Zyvex Marine to build four Piranha USV and Shamari class patrol vessels was an exciting and all-encompassing project for us.

Zyvex built a carbon fiber infrastructure for each of the four vessels and S3 installed and integrated nearly all of the systems on the vessels. The electronics we installed included autopilots, chart plotters, radars, night vision cameras, complete Maretron vessel monitoring systems, and remote vessel control from a Zune tablet.

Our fabrication team created custom parts with various metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. The use of titanium was important in reducing the vessels’ weight, increasing hull speed, and allowing the vessels more efficient fuel usage and increased range.

We also installed a Seakeeper gyroscope stabilizer for improved handling on the open seas (where these vessels will be patrolling) to help reduce the fatigue of crewmembers aboard.

This Piranha USV & Shamari vessel project was a great use of all of S3’s services and an excellent example of the custom jobs and building we are able to do.