Mondopad - The Giant Tablet for your Conferencing Needs

The Mondopad is an innovative tablet system from InFocus. Combining high resolution display and video conferencing with digital interactive whiteboard and document annotation technology, the Mondopad is the ultimate solution for your conferencing needs.

Not just a monitor, the Mondopad is a 55, 70, or 80-inch tablet with a built-in Windows PC and full version of Microsoft Office that is easily viewed and controlled from your notebook, tablet, or smartphone. It's ideal for consolidating your business conference technology needs into one device and putting features for visually presenting, capturing and sharing ideas at your fingertips.

As an authorized dealer for the InFocus Mondopad, we can install one wherever you need: aboard your yacht, at your business, or in your home. Watch the demonstrative video below for more information about the features of the Mondopad and contact us for more information about installation.



Tech TipsJacob Zimmer